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Genset type | SDE20PS

Single-phase, 50 Hz,230 volts, power factor 1.0
(1) Also available in the following voltages: 415/240V-380/220V-220/127V-200/115V;
(2) Also available in the following voltages: 440/254V-220/127V-208/120V;
(3) ESP: Standby Power Standby duty, operation under variable load, without over load;
(4) PRP: Prime Power-Continuous duty operation, under variable load 24/24h-10% over load permissible 1 hour/12 hours;
(5) M: Mechanical speed governor, E/ECM: Electronic speed governor;
(6) NA: Naturally aspirated, TC: Turbocharged, TCA: Turbocharged and air-air aftercooled. TCW: Water-cooled Turbocharged;
(7) The weights are approximate and without fuel;
(8) Ambient reference conditions: 1,000 mbar, 27℃, 30% relative humidity. Rating according to ISO 3046 and 8528.


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